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What are the options for venue hosts?

If you are hosting a day of concerts at your school you have 3 options available to you :

1) Simply host 3 concerts throughout  the school day for local primary schools

2) Host 3 concerts throughout the school day. 2 for local primaries and 1 exclusively for your pupils.The concert for your pupils will be offered to you at a massively reduced rate. You sell the tickets and you set the price thus presenting you with an opportunity to fundraise. Please contact us for further information.

3)Host 2 concerts throughout the school day for local primaries and your students who play a musical instrument can rehearse with our professional musicians ready for a performance to the primary school pupils later in the day. There is no ‘concert’ fee, just a £10 fee per participating pupil. We will provide parts prior to the rehearsal. Students should be able sight readers and be at grade 5 level or above.


Frequently asked questions

What is Ten Pieces?

Ten Pieces is an exciting new initiative for primary schools, led by BBC Learning and the BBC Performing groups, focusing on classical music and creativity.

Why should my school take part?

The project will help schools to deliver key aspects of the educational curriculum, including learning about the works of great composers, composing and performing.

How will it work?

We are asking secondary schools to act as venues for the concerts, which will be open to attendance by primary school pupils from local schools

When will the concerts take place?

We will commence our tour in Bath Abbey on Tuesday 24th February 2015 to over 1000 primary school pupils from Bath and surrounding areas.

What age group are the concerts for?

The concerts are suitable for all children from Foundation to KS4.

Are teaching materials provided?

Teaching materials are provided by the BBC. We will provide links to those schools taking part.

How do I sign up?

Find out how your primary or secondary school can sign up

What are the options for venue hosts?

If you are hosting a day of concerts at your school you have 3 options available to you.

What are the Ten pieces?

Find out what the Ten Piece are.

Partnerships and Supporters

  • Create Music
  • LMCT
  • West Sussex Music Partner
  • Sussex Community Foundation
  • Artsmark
  • Music Mark
  • Art Council
  • Sigred Rausing Trust
  • Ann Bryant
  • BBC Ten Pieces

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