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Primary orchestral music experiences for all pupils

At Kidenza we introduce children to FUN orchestral music to support their learning in the classroom.  Designed to support the National Curriculum and the Ofsted Framework, we believe that students should be exposed to the best, to inspire them and to build their confidence to make music part of their lives.

I didn’t like it, I loved it! It’s the best music ever! (Pupil – Primary Concert)

A Kidenza concert is like no other.  Our 14-piece professional orchestra represents all the sections which are introduced to the children in entertaining ways.  Expect listening, learning and laughter from your pupils as they have their ears and eyes opened to the wonderful world of orchestral music.  Carefully designed to engage, our interactive concerts blend performance with spoken content and digital animation in just the right balance for the primary audience.  Expect the unexpected as we journey through the musical landscape, encouraging pupils to join in by answering questions, reacting to music, using their bodies to perhaps tap a rhythm or have a go at conducting.  Every programme takes children on a new adventure!

For your school:

  • Buy tickets for a concert near you and bring as many pupils as you wish
  • Join forces with other schools and make a concert happen (the more pupils commit, the lower the price per head)
  • Have a day of concerts, workshops and/or masterclasses just for your school (price per head dependent on bookings)
  • Book a workshop at your school and create a piece of music with your pupils

97% of concert attendees say they would attend future Kidenza concerts

Impacts on children were quoted as “huge”; broadening experiences for some and bringing classical music to life for others. As a result of the Kidenza concert, over half of the children who attended showed interest in creating music (61%), seeing more classical music (65%) or learning more about classical music (65%). From the words used to describe their experience it’s clear that the children found the performances ‘Fun’, ‘Exciting’, ‘Brilliant’ and ‘Awesome’!

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The whole experience has been really wonderful.  It has inspired children to pick up and instrument and give it a go (Primary Music Teacher)

Partnerships and Supporters

  • West Sussex Music Partner
  • Sussex Community Foundation
  • Artsmark
  • Music Mark
  • Art Council
  • Sigred Rausing Trust
  • Ann Bryant
  • BBC Ten Pieces

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Email: education@kidenza.co.uk

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